Wednesday, December 09, 2009

this past weekend--a little late

it's been one of those weekends where it's taken us a few days to catch up. pepper's been feeling it, too...
but here we are. my first night to finally catch up on stuff in several days, but i'm feeling better and much more in control of the crazy holiday schedule that accompanies this time of year.

we had two holiday parties and several photo shoots scheduled for the weekend. of course, the weather did not cooperate so we moved a couple of them inside for some great holiday backgrounds in front of the tree.
(this is the happiest baby ever. she has the BEST expressions!)
then i stopped by the hospital to see the baby of my co-worker stephanie. riley payge was adorable and ready for some close-ups!
then over to kim and rob's house to watch the end of the ecu game and capture their adorable (and energetic!) boys...
(love this one)

and in memory of the babies that weren't there, but are always part of the family... the blue ribbon has new meaning this year.
then it was time to go home and get ready for our staff christmas party, where we may or may not have ended up with one of these...
the ironic thing? we brought a pirate-themed snuggie for the yankee swap/dirty santa/chinese christmas game. and ended up with a blue one.

sunday was our choir program at church, and mom and grandma came into town for it. the performance was awesome and i'm so glad to have been a part of it--but i was definitely glad to be done, too. i don't have any pictures from it--should see some popping up on facebook soon, i figure.

so that's our weekend in a nutshell. amazingly, the rest of our holiday season isn't quite as hectic. i do have several church parties next week, with both the middle school and high school ones as well as our small group. but with most of my major shopping done and the majority of the busy busy events over with, i'm feeling much better about this holiday season! ready to just enjoy it with justin and my family and friends...

how are you handling the holiday season stress?