Tuesday, December 01, 2009

edited: marty and exie

a couple of weeks ago, i met marty and exie for a portrait session. we included their niece and nephew early on, but those are Christmas gifts for their mom (exie's sister) so we have to keep them a secret :)

i'm happy to share these, though. i haven't known marty and exie very long, but they're friends with a lot of my friends at church. and we realized a while back that we live in the same neighborhood. after spending an hour or so with them, though, it felt like we'd known each other for many years. they're the kind of people that you easily get along with and have you laughing immediately. i love it when couples have fun and are completely natural with you--let's just say there are some fun outtakes...

this one is probably my favorite. they admitted that they weren't way touch-feely, but i thought they did a great job :)

this is one of the great park locations we have in town--but looks like you're out in the middle of a forest. love it!

then we got to include their boston terrier, gabe, who was incredibly well-behaved (even though he had eaten marty's bojangles wrapper in the car and inadvertently called someone on exie's phone lying on the seat.)
he did a nice job of posing for us and even perking up his ears a little!
after the park photos, we headed downtown to hit up some of my favorite urban locations. yes, you've seen these before with keely's senior photos and some of the woolard family photos. it's all literally within a 4 block area that is so easy to use!
and back to my favorite little window on the street...
love it.
thanks for a great morning, guys--you rocked it out and i hope you love your photos!