Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 recap

jo-lynne over at musings of a housewife is hosting a blog recap carnival for the year, and i really liked the idea. this year was when blogging became more than a weekly/monthly event for me. and i love it--i think most anyone that tries to post daily must love it. i love the community that's been created, i love the outlet for my writing, my photography and other creative expressions, and i love sharing our lives (or at least a small part of it) with family and friends that may only get to see us every now and then.

so, in following jo-lynne's set-up--the first line of the first post of every month.


so for the past month or so, my extracurricular reading activities have consisted of this: (picture of twilight)
and the three other books in the twilight saga.

ahh, yes. my love affair with the twilight books last holiday season. those are what got me through thanksgiving and christmas. i still need to go see new moon. may have to wait til DVD...


so it's finally that day....
a celebration of the two top teams in the league (and in my case, the beginning of having my husband back on sundays, monday nights and some thursdays or saturdays--during playoffs, of course.)

ahh, yes. a superbowl that fell close to/on my birthday. with the steelers playing. actually, as i think about it, the steelers won the superbowl the same year that UNC won the NCAA championship for the past 2 times. coincidence? i think not. we just have awesome teams that we cheer for.


i feel like jonah's name has been lifted up across the country today.

the little man that got me blogging more. jonah's birth (and my involvement in documenting it) is really what made me get online and posting more often. i love that kid, i love his parents, and i love sharing his story.


rainy, cloudy days make me and pepper lazy.

pictures of pepper. she is one well-photographed dog. and this post reminds me of the "remember when" photos i did earlier in the year... may have to go back and scan some new ones in to use in the future...


just a few shots... from our first day in charleston.

our awesome anniversary trip. i still love traveling, and planning our anniversary trip each year is something i look forward to. (i'm already looking at some options for this year--savannah, baltimore or NYC--what do y'all think?)


so much like the rest of the blog world, i picked up a copy of jillian michael's 30 day shred.

well, this is sorta embarrassing. cause i can count the number of times i've done the 30 day shred on two hands. i'd do it once, hurt for three days, do it again, forget about it, and then not play it again until two months later, when i'll do it once, hurt for three days... you get the picture. (next up to try--EA sports active for the wii!)


it's been a somewhat hectic week around our house, with both of us having short weeks and plenty of work to fill those four days.

a post about our art that we pick up on our trips. as many photos that i take, i actually don't print very many. and i hang even fewer. i need to work on that.


so as mentioned in the previous random post, i was craving sushi for dinner last night.

this is a random post with a bunch of different stuff. sushi, planning for disney, photo locations. what a hodge podge! the only time i mentioned our disney trip, by the way, and we never gave specific dates. can never be too careful...


so i made a quick trip to fayetteville this past weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday with my family.

another mix of stuff. a trip home where i got to see elizabeth and write about my gang green girls from high school, and showing off my new office. funny thing is--my office was so much neater in that picture. i need to clean my desk--fo' real.


okay, so my big "photoshop" lesson this week has been learning how to do textures.

i love to see how my photography has progressed this year. i used to be such a snob about not using photoshop--"oh, my photos are great just out of the camera. photoshop is like cheating." nope, couldn't live without it now. i'm converted--i just need to keep learning!


a couple of months ago, we talked about planning a mountain weekend during the fall.

we decided to get away for halloween weekend this year, and i loved it! we're looking at going back up to the mountains at the end of january and probably up to WV in february. as much as i love the beach, you can't beat the mountains. as long as i don't have to drive... :)


thursday morning, we made our way to fayetteville to do thanksgiving with my family.

another traveling/trip to fayetteville post. we do that a lot. (this one was fun because it got picked up by the downtown fayetteville facebook page people and they featured it on facebook that day. i had to double-check my editing that day...)

and that's it. i cannot believe how quickly 2009 went! what does your blog recap say about you? head on over to musings of a housewife to see other blog recaps and join in :)